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Examples of Cases seen

Roxie Casestudy Louie Murphy Gunner - a frightened dog

Roxie is a Staffordshire bull terrier, very friendly to people and loves to learn especially new tricks.  However she became worried about socialising with dogs.  This suddenly developed after her first season and gradually was getting worse.  Her owner was extremely concerned for her and was becoming quite upset since Roxie was a fantastic dog in all other situations.  


Roxie was therefore referred by her local veterinary Centre and work began immediately on socialising her.  This involved a carefully structured behaviour modification programme and after much hard work Roxie has befriended many dogs in her local area.  Well done Roxie!

Roxie's Case

Louie was referred to Catherine by Quantock Veterinary Hospital as he suddenly stopped using his litter tray and started to over groom specific patches on his body.  After a thorough medical investigation it was identified that Louie was experiencing pain from urinary crystals.  After being treated at the veterinary hospital Louie went home and a behaviour modification plan was put in place immediately.


Louie's fur has started to grow back and his toileting habits have gone back to normal.  Louie has a fantastic life and enjoys going on daily hunts in his local fields.  He is once again a very happy cat!

The case of Louie

Gunner's Case - A frightened dog

Some dogs can develop a fear of noises, dogs or even people.  Gunner  was referred to Catherine by Quantock Veterinary Hospital, Bridgwater. He was frightened of going outside, novel objects and people.  


A behaviour modification programme was devised to suit the needs of Gunner and his owners, and with lots of patience and dedication Gunner's problems improved and he is now happy to go for walks and pass people in the streets.