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Animal Behaviour Pricing

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Full behaviour consultation programme.  Includes;


  •  An initial assessment session (approximately 1½ hours)

  •  Comprehensive written report

  •  Three follow-on sessions of 1 hr each

  •  Unlimited telephone & e-mail support

  •  Liaison with your vet (if required)

Discounted rate for additional follow-on sessions*

* Some complex cases can benefit from additional follow-on sessions after those included in the standard programme.  These can be booked at any time after completion of the initial package

Behaviour Consultation Programme

Individual Behaviour Consultations

Standard rate for additional follow-on sessions

Initial assessment session (approximately 1½ hours) with written report

£50 Per Hour


One to One Life Skills Training*

Training session package – Three 1hr sessions (no written report)

One-off training sessions (no written report)


* Not suitable for dogs with complex or well-established behaviour issues, please call to discuss

Additional Mileage Costs


The above prices apply to clinic consultations at The Win Clinic or home consultations within 10 miles of Taunton (includes Wellington, Taunton and Bridgwater). For home consultations beyond this, a surcharge of 45 pence per mile will be added.  In addition if travel time is greater than 45 minutes then an additional charge of £25 will be applied.

£40 Per Hour


£50 Per Hour