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The Team


I have a Level 3 Animal Management qualification and have been working alongside Catherine since 2013 as her assistant. I am a fully qualified Puppy School Assistant Tutor and I run a pet service business where I offer walking, 1:1 training sessions and look after a variety of species.  I have  a great interest in the rate at which behaviour problems can be managed in the home environment.


I run the Puppy Pow Wow Sessions and instruct Puppy School classes in Bridgwater. Outside of training classes I take my own dog to the agility sessions which we have found a lot of fun to learn something new and challenging!


'After completing a Level 3 Animal Management qualification I went on to complete a Honours degree in Animal Management whilst working alongside Catherine and becoming fully qualified Puppy School Assistant Tutor at the start of 2019. I  hold a special interest with behaviour in the canine world, focussing my dissertation on dog behaviour in relation to owner and dog relationships. I love learning so much about everything to do with dogs, from various breeds, socialisation and especially  training with my own dogs.'




After completing a degree in Applied Animal Management, I set up a Pet Services business where I offer dog walking, pet sitting and 1:1 dog training sessions. I am a fully qualified Puppy School Tutor. Part of my work involves working with show dogs where I am responsible for training the dogs in preparation for the show ring.  Last year I began writing for a national magazine, writing articles on dog matters such as socialising, enrichment and training. When possible I attend workshops and conferences to gain further skills and knowledge including completing the Puppy School course.  I have a particular interest in how genetics effects behaviour as well as the benefits early socialisation can have on a puppy. I have been lucky enough to learn so much by owning Blaze, my Labrador, who has had a spinal condition since a young puppy. Although it hasn’t always affected his daily life, I have learnt so much about how medical conditions can have an impact on daily life and change a dogs behaviour.

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