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Trying to get your dog to focus on you is not easy when you are up against all of the exciting things happening on a walk. This workshop is all about ways to play games with your dogs.  From search and find to ready steady chase to retrieve games and tricks we will find the games that your dog likes to play.



Stop...Come Back!


This workshop will enable you to working on emergency stops and distance control with you dog when out in the countryside.


Walking with your dog in the countryside should always be a pleasure but can often be quite stressful when your dog won’t come away from a distraction, or won’t listen to you at a distance. This workshop is a great way to start learning skills that will make your walks a little easier whilst enjoying a country walk.


Getting your dog to walk on a loose lead is not easy.  This workshop will provide you with plenty of ideas to help manage the problem as well as help your dog learn that walking next to you can be enjoyable.


Walking Woes!

Stop...Wait for Me!



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